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March 18 2014

Monitor your rankings on the search engines like Google with Microsite Masters! :)

February 10 2014


February 01 2014

Microsite Masters is the most accurate SERP Tracker.
Microsite Masters is the most reliable and the most accurate SERP tracking software for SEO Professionals.

December 27 2013

Learn about the Google updates on what affects Ranking. Check out Microsite Masters' blog for more.
To be able to track SERP Ranking is important. And there is no other software that could be better than Microsite Masters.

December 09 2013


Monitor Where You Are Online with Microsite Masters SERP Tracking System

For an internet business proprietor, it becomes a constant game of cat and mouse, eternally hunting for the most recent ways to conquer, or use, the system to become No 1 on Google.


Here are two straightforward, simple, and fast actions associated with an on-line directory and several other search engines to become No 1 on Google.

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All the other search-engines have experienced a facelift recently. They comprise Bing, AltaVista, and Inquire. For instance, Bing now promotes itself as painfully exact, efficient, and quick. Microsoft claims that its technology is exceptional. The important take-away is the fact that if a site ranks high on Bing it will probably position high on Google.


SERP Ranking


As a way to assist you, I'll continue to supply suggestions and techniques I've acquired and learned from My Go-To-Market Partners when I became an Internet Entrepreneur and assembled my internet business, in addition to my various Web 2.0 attributes and affiliate sites. Together, these suggestions will supply a traffic rule that'll drive qualified prospects to your site and enhance your Page Rank.


Do you actually rank the same or better among the other leading search-engines? Even though Google should become your standard, don't ignore Google's competition. This is the way to become No 1 on Google. how do you track your keywords better? Microsite Masters know how to handle it well.

November 06 2013


Microsite Masters Keyword Rank Checker - The best SERP Tracker

What's SEO?      

It's the procedure of having your site seen and found by readers. For you to really be found in order that traffic could be raised to your own website with the help of search engines, you must optimize your site by enhancing the outside and inside attributes. The three main search engines are Yahoo, Google and Bing. Each one of these search engines position web-pages and other contents for example videos or local lists based on which they consider most significant to users. It's extremely critical for you to truly have a thorough understanding on Search Engine Optimization strategies when doing all your online business. The web marketplace is filled with folks that are offering Search Engine Optimization services, and thus having little advice regarding Search Engine Optimization can assist you in making the best choice in picking the best Search Engine Optimization services. You must be in great novels with the various search engines, if you're seriously interested in succeeding on-line. Avoid canny strategies and learn to utilize the correct SEO tools to be able to rank high and ultimately have an advantageous and lasting connection with search engines.

Let us get on course!

The great news about Search Engine Optimization tools is that the majority of these are free to utilize. One of them is Microsite Masters. Remember Google rewards web sites which fulfill their rules with higher positions in search engine results. Take some time plus execute in the preceding SEO tools. Are you currently seriously interested in succeeding online? Are you aware that you simply must be in great novels with the various search engines?

1. Headers and Subheadings. That makes it simple for readers to immediately understand what the whole post is really all about.

a. In Your Text Links.

b. Keyword Position Checker Tool or Keyword Rank Checker. There are quite a number free standing checker tools that will assist you check your search engine position ranking for a special keyword phrase. It enables you to really check in your progress fast instead of checking on your own.

c. Unique Content. The number 1 Search Engine Optimization tool to be able to rank high is creating distinctive and innovative content making use of your keywords. Composing original content may be challenging, it just becomes easy through practice and patience. What exactly does first content mean? It implies that you haven't reproduced word for word from various other sites or sites; BUT should you not have sufficient thoughts for your own content you'll be able to look at what the others have written, then you'll be able to rewrite it making it improved. There's always the very first step; even the famed writers began as amateurs. You could consistently take to and post an article at-least with 1,000 words once each week, and then slowly it is possible to move to two postings if not three each week. Search engines adore distinctive and new content and therefore publishing content consistently can assist you to rate high. Even though it is much better doing it your-self, you may also hire individuals trying to work at home to compose for you content. How will you put keywords on your site? You need to understand that you're writing for search engines and for actual people, when you're writing content. Keyword support internet search engine or keyword rank checker also helps individuals to locate your page fast and crawlers to discover what your page is really all around. Both of these audiences considerably determine the achievement of your website. Remember building trust by means of your audience is quite essential. Ensure you tell the reality in your postings, be genuine otherwise your company will be short lived. Listed below are the strategic spots you ought to put your keywords:

d. Google AdWords. The keyword tool is then selected by keyword Tool You can always find this tool from Google: go to Google AdWords. This tool will say about the amount of searches which were done in monthly both locally and internationally. This tool is just an absolute must have tool because you should check whether your keyword phrase is being sought out before you optimize your site. It's advisable you utilize a keyword that folks are looking for so as for you to really get visitors.

e. Different Locations Inside Your Page. Let your key words flow naturally. Since it makes a distraction for both your search engines and audience don't bombard your post with keywords.

f. Alt Tags On Pictures. The various search engines cannot understand pictures. It's great to contain keywords within the brief texts which are tagged on pictures.

g. Page URL. Page URLs with key words rank greater than those without.

h. First Paragraph. Remember to set your keyword in first line of your own first paragraph.

2. Sitemap Application. A sitemap features links to any or all pages on your own site therefore which makes it possible for visitors and the various search engines to locate all pages inside your site. This tool is free and also you may download it from http://www.xml-sitemaps.com

3. Link Checker Application. It enables you assess the amount of backlinks your site has in several search engines like Google, Yahoo amongst the others. Having more backlinks to your site will give a greater possibility to you of position in a unique phrase.

4. Google Analytics. Tool Google analytic helps you to monitor traffic that's coming in your site. It reveals details of wherever your visitors come from, how they found your site, the amount of pages they saw as well as their duration in your site. This link will probably be helpful for this kind of assignment. http://www.google.com/analytics.

5. Page Title. Whenever folks see your site a full page name appears at the browser window.

6. Meta description. A meta description is located under the webpage name in search engine results. It's generally a sentence of a couple of lines.

7. Internal Optimization. This really can also be referred to as on-page optimization. Mostly when people connect to you personally, they do so out of your home page. It is best for you to really set other related pages on your own site and link to your home page too, when you're creating your posts. Internal optimization fast guides your visitors by your site. This is also, great for search engines rate your pages and simply because they'll find index.

8. Networking. Through Social Media Social media is now critical to Google, which means you should have a strategy for creating social existence for your own merchandise, that'll improve as time passes. This just means that the more people that you have in your social groups, the more they are subjected to your own pages in search, and therefore this could direct you towards your Own SEO campaigns. How Social Media Can Assist Your SEO Drive o The number a very important factor in social media would be to work on developing a profile that's optimized so as to associate with the best people in your market, and by so doing you'll create various bridges. You can get traffic which can obtain your web site effortlessly. o It makes it possible to institute your-self and also to build up your own standing.  You can certainly locate and connect to your market. As it pertains to the social media. Do not prevent:  Don't use social media for attempting to sell your merchandise; it really is for content and networking. Don't become accustomed to re-tweets, generate your own personal content. Don't ignore comments; create time and energy to answer to comments of your own site at FB or tweeter. Don't rely on content only, you too can include pictures and videos in your social advertising.

Decision: Search engine position isn't a one day thing. You must practice patience while utilizing the SEO tools.

It's extremely critical for you to truly have a thorough understanding on Search Engine Optimization strategies when doing all your online business.

September 29 2013


Microsite Masters - Is Your Keyword Rank Checker Working for You?

Element of becoming an effective online marketer would be to ensure that everything in your strategy is working to your own advantage.

 That means that for a marketer your occupation doesn't stop at setting up a great site, developing a powerful link building construction, or even making extremely optimized and well-crafted articles - in addition, you need to do some follow up on your own Search Engine Optimization efforts.

To be able to ensure that you are maybe not passing up on such a thing and that everything goes according to plan, you want several tools and suggestions that will assist you gauge the effectiveness of your own Search Engine Optimization efforts. This isn't an issue since there are lots of methods and Search Engine Optimization tools out there which you can apply to quantify in case your keywords are performing well.

SEO is not a simple job, and results aren't collected immediately. Actually, there are lots of successful sites and internet sites out there that achieved their positions and present status due to years of commitment and hard labor.

Best Rank Checker: Microsite Masters

Why keywords?

Keywords are the fundamental foundations of each Search Engine Optimization efforts. The best aim of every Search Engine Optimization project would be to bring new and targeted customers to your site by pushing your site's ranking within the internet search engine results as high as possible using organic SEO strategies.

That is the reason keyword research is extremely significant and ought to be done carefully, in addition to assessing and upgrading your keyword list and variations on a normal basis. You must always ensure your keywords are always applicable to your own kind of business and also to the kind of audience that you are attempting to entice; your keywords should neither be too broad nor too competitive as a way to bring in top quality traffic.

Doing all your keyword rank checker research will supply you endless gains in the future and you will have the ability to optimize your site for organic internet search engine positions more efficiently. Check out the next keyword to complete your SEO efforts along with tracking tools for they could let you track the operation of your own keywords with this indispensable keyword rank checker.

Rank Checker - simply come in your domain name along with your keyword and with the application will inform your positions to you in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Though it is true that lots of various variables also influence the general operation of your own site in the internet search engine results, it is still an incontrovertible fact, your site won't be very successful for a very long time if no relationship exists between what the users are seeking and what you have got in your site.

Google Webmaster Tools - a totally free service given by Google. It offers special information regarding your keyword rank checker searches, your present location in Google SERPs, your CTR, etcetera.

August 11 2013


Check Google Ranking With Google Ranking Checker and New Keyword Rank Checker

So you're hunting to discover the best Google ranking tool with which can ascertain your site position on Google, This post will aid you locate the top tool. Finding the appropriate tool is just one of the very important jobs to assess the site Google ranking or standing. This provides you a good idea of how all your efforts of Search Engine Optimization, link building etc. are giving results. The choice of the tool should be centered on different factors as well as the tool should take into account many recent changes which are done on Google in 1 year or so. Read ahead to learn what are these changes and the way to get the top Google ranking tool. In the end you are able to look in the source box below to locate an amazing device which takes in to consideration all the current changes (described below) on Google.


Now what exactly are these recent changes on Google and the way that it'll change your site rank? It's pointless to say that if your site isn't ranking well on Google it is going to be like a deserted island with no traffic (unless have lots of money for PPC).  Now to comprehend in simple terms a website is ranked by Google centered on more than 200 variables, out of the the most simple and yet most significant variable is keywords (everyone knows that right?)) However, you should understand there's a lot more to it. Whenever you search for any keyword say "buy flowers" on Google it provides you with a group of result, but what people do not understand is the group of result for the same keyword will probably be different for somebody else who's sitting on another COMPUTER. 

Now the issue is why so? the response is just before you, have you discovered that Google has changed its home page a great deal in last 1 year, now Google gives you choice to customize your search (on the left side of Google home page) based on time frame (results from last 1 year, 1 month etc.) and on your own nation (custom location). By setting your choice, you too can search the same keyword rank checker on sites, forums etc. essentially is it looking to give personalized results and consequently search results for 2 different individuals for same keywords are very different. For example individuals are emotionally attached with their site and consequently you tend search your site more on Google to how it's turning up, so Google would rank your site better on your COMPUTER but not on your friend's COMPUTER.


You understand that for particular keywords your site shows up on Google, but you might also be interested in tracking those keywords that you're trying to rank in top 10 results. Now when you selected particular keywords and you're striving to optimize your site so that it appears on the very first page of Google, you do not reach there in 1 day and it requires time and before coming to the very first page your site can arrive at the 30th page(rank 300 assuming default 10 results per page) then might be to the 20th page(rank 200) and slowly depending on the way that it's optimized it may arrive at the very first page, Now it'll be a tremendous endeavor to really go till 30th page and check if Google has indexed it. Here the Google ranking tool comes in it can discover in case your site is appearing in 30 40 pages in issue of millisecond like Microsite Masters.


Secondly, Google gives relevance to the place from where you're looking. Therefore the Google search results of a keyword rank checker in USA won't be similar to results of the exact same keyword in United Kingdom Now this is exceptionally essential for any online business to understand where your site position in various counties as traffic form any nation is potential earnings. If you understand your site is ranking well in country X purchase not in country Y then you can channelize you attempts to enhance your ranking in country Y only, this can be achieved in many ways like by adding keywords popular in that country to your site content. Basically the proper instrument can save your valuable time and give the proper path to you to enhance the site position and channelize your efforts.


Initially Google used to supply soap api keys, using these keys it was possible to get Google's database of billions of web pages and get various kinds of advice like ranking, position etc. But just like every great thing, folks started misusing it and eventually on 5th Dec 2006 Google stopped issuing soap api keys for any sites. Today only those site that have soap api keys can get this information. Other site cannot get it. However there is one tool with which you could get this legitimate data with no soap keys, this is the new Google ranking checker and keyword rank checker with which you can still get Google rank in 160 nations free of price on this particular tool [http://www.google-your-rank.com].


5 Free SEO Must Have Tools Especially Keyword Rank Checker

If you are an internet search engine optimization professional, you understand how important SEO tools are to your day-to-day optimization efforts. Keyword suggestion tools such as a keyword rank checker, in-bound link analysis applications and SERP checkers are critical to keyword research, keyword expansion, link building and tracking your website's positional transitions within the search engine results.

The great news is the fact that search marketers do not need to pay for these tools because there are always a lot of quite powerful free SEO tools on the Net to select from. Here is my set of the five free Search Engine Optimization tools that I take advantage of daily. Hopefully, you will discover some tools on the list to add to your tool arsenal.

Rank Checker - If you are like me and you are obsessed with website positions, then Position Checker is really a will need to have search tool. SEO Book's Rank Checker provides you with daily rank updates from Google, Yahoo and Bing concurrently. It's possible for you to export data into Excel and integrate it into a keyword position report for your own search engine marketing techniques customers. Rank Checker, particularly Keyword Rank Checker also enables you to add multiple keywords at once and save yourself those keyword lists as individual presets, and therefore that you do not need to input exactly the same key words repeatedly and that's what Microsite Masters does.

SEO for Firefox - This free tool is really a plugin for Firefox from Search Engine Optimisation Book. It integrates seamlessly with the Google SERPs for fantastic insight in to search engine marketing metrics like toolbar PageRank, Twitter mentions and just how many deep page and domain links my website has got. SEO for Firefox also reveals which links are "nofollow" on a webpage (highlighted in red), which really is actually a real time saver for link building and link analysis. Other amazing features include amount of cache date, Alexa ranking, societal bookmarks and Wikipedia citations.

Majestic Search Engine Optimization - This really is an invaluable search engine marketing tool for measuring link acquisition, if you're building links. A wonderful feature may be the "daily update," which provides you with a regular journal of your new backlinks. Other cool of Majestic Search Engine Optimisation are a few slick tools for charting the increase of your website's link profile using a range of various cool visuals.

Google Webmaster Tools - It's possible for you to develop some invaluable insights on critical performance metrics as well as your site's search results exposure with Google's Webmaster Tools. Attributes for example organic click through-rates of your top 100 key words and the capacity to simply take inventory of your internal links, truly makes it possible to fine tune your organic search engine marketing efforts.

Yahoo Link Domain - I really like using Yahoo Link Domain to investigate one way links to my site. Yahoo Link Domain too is a good for probing your opponent's link profiles to find link opportunities for your own personal sites. In Addition, in case you are utilizing the Search Engine Optimization for Firefox plugin, it is possible to export Yahoo Link Domain results in to Excel by clicking the "100" link, then hit the "CSV" link to further drill down and analyze your opponent's link profile.

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Consequently there you go. These five free Search Engine Optimization tools are a few of the best that you'll find in the Net. I use each any of those tools on a daily basis to create my optimization efforts more successful and efficient and to be a better search marketer.

July 29 2013


Microsite Masters on Dailymotion

Watch the video tutorial of Microsite Masters on dailymotion
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More information about Microsite Masters? Click the image above!

Microsite Masters Features

Microsite Masters was developed as a result of realizing the fragmentation and lack of standards in place between SERP tracking and search engine optimization toolsets designed for SEO campaign management.

July 04 2013

Microsite Masters provides an easy and accurate  website ranking software for SEO specialists, businesses, and affiliates in track SERP ranks delivering performance results  in the long run.


Microsite Masters Simple Rank Checker

Microsite Masters is an effective website rank checker and serp tracker It's affordability and reliability makes it a highly recommended serp tracking tool.

April 30 2013


About Microsite Masters

Microsite Masters was developed as a result of realizing the fragmentation and lack of standards in place between SERP tracking and search engine optimization toolsets designed for SEO campaign management.
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